Reflect on the remarkable life of the 747 in Episode Six

The sixth episode of Jetlag is here, as we talk to Matthew Vandeputte about his career as an international motion timelapse photographer and social media content creator. And we learn about the Queen of the Skies, the 747. Scroll down to check it out, or click HERE.


Episode 6: Matthew Vandeputte & Why the 747 was dubbed the “Queen of the Skies”

In the first Jetlag for 2018, Andrew Smith interviews Matthew Vandeputte, a motion timelapse and hyperlapse photographer, and Larry Heath looks back on the lifespan of the Boeing 747, which recently had its last flight with a US carrier. He looks at the significance of the aircraft, explains why it was dubbed the “Queen of …

Episode 5: Coleman Collins, travel health and which country produces the most popular beer?

In the fifth episode of Jetlag, Larry and Andrew meet Coleman Collins, who has written a book – The Road Warrior – about how business travelers can stay healthy and sane on the road. We talk about health and fitness while travelling, and we get deep about craft beer, answering the question of the month: …

Episode 4: Travel journalist Jennifer Ennion and ranking the world’s best passports

Jetlag is back for September, and this month Larry Heath sits down in Canada with freelance travel journalist Jennifer Ennion. Joined from the US by co-host Andrew Smith, the three talk about life on the road as a travel journalist, and we ask our question of the month: Which passport gives you the most visa-free …


Jetlag is a new podcast about travel, hosted by Andrew Smith and Larry Heath. New episodes are (usually) released monthly and the sixth episode is available now!